10 Days and counting…

I had wanted to start posting more but getting ready for my trip has really taken all of my time!  10 days and counting until I fly off to Sicily for a month.

I have my Euro cash, my bills paid, lodging and other arrangements made.  I have to pack and get a phone when I arrive.  I am pretty sure that I’ve taken care of most everything.

Each day, I’m doing 1/2 – 1 hour of Rosetta Stone. It’s really a great course. If you’re thinking of learning a language, it’s worth the money especially when you compare it to the price of more traditional courses for language.

Stregacrafts is up and running.  since I hand create most items that we carry,  but we’re not going to be taking any new orders until I return. Note – I was just informed that I accidentally crashed the site. It’s off line as of this writing my Mike is going to fix it as soon as he gets back from lunch.  Sorry!

OneStopOccultshop is up and running. We’ll still be taking orders through the site. I’ve arranged it so our suppliers will drop ship orders directly to our customers and I’ll be staying in touch with them while I’m gone.

Streghe.us is up and running and we’ve got some surprises planned. I’m working with a friend to convert the site to a WordPress UI including forums. The goal is to make it a real community site focused around resources and intelligent (and respectful) discussion regarding Pagan religious Witchcraft with origins in Italy/Sicily, Europe, & the USA.

http://www.vinnierusso.com/TarotReadings is up and running. Although I am still taking phone readings until I leave, I am not able to do any in-person readings at this time.  While gone in September, I will not be available for phone or in-person readings.  When I return in October, I will be available for both and will be sure to post a notice.

The Sheaves of Demeter Coven is busy as well. In addition to the Chthonioi-Alexandrian and Italic material, we’re currently doing 4 – 6 weeks of elemental workings. Each week is devoted to meditations on a particular element and how that element appears and interacts in our daily lives. The goal is both become familiar with the more traditional associations with the elements as well as forge our own personal associations with them and recognize when and how they appear in our daily lives.  By recognizing their appearance and interaction, we can better use our knowledge of them to steer our course more positively.

If you’re thinking of doing some of your own elemental work, I highly recommend The Way of Four by Deborah Lipp. It’s an excellent book written by an amazing Witch.

OK, back to work.

Ciao a tutti,


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