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Ciao a tutti!

Yes, the heading is correct. I’ll be moving to Italy for a month (September).  Why do I say moving instead of visiting? Well, I’m going to reconnect with my heritage and learn the language from native speakers/residents.  Although I’ll have plenty of time for sight seeing, I’m mainly going to be focused on my heritage, the culture, and the language.  I’ll be living on Ortigia and taking lessons there.  It’s only about 45 minutes away from where my family is from.  Also, I’m going alone.  Mike will be staying here to take care of things and watch the animals.  This means that I’ll really be on my own. It will be as much work as fun.

I’ve been thinking of doing this for quite some time and my reasons are varied.
I think that the best way to learn the language is from native speakers in the native culture.
I want to experience the modern culture from which I am decended.
It’s a perfect way to allow me the time and focus I need to finish writing my book about Italian-American craft and the transition from the Old World to the New World and the shift in perspectives that accompany that.

My plan is to keep a travel log (here) and let folks know how I’m progressing. I’ll be sure to post pictures of my adventures and updates on my progress.

I leave in 6 short weeks and have a lot to do before I go. First, will still be operating. I will have high speed WiFi while in Sicily and Mike has it set up so I can easily have our suppliers dropship orders directly to customers. will not be filling any orders during the time that I am in Sicily since all of the products are hand made and shipped by me.

I’ve renewed my passport but still need to apply for an international drivers’ license. Not that I plan on driving myself, but you never know.
I have ordered an original of my birth certificate so I can take it to CT and get an original of my father’s birth certificate. That way, I can do some research into my paternal grandfather. Unfortunately, somethings have to be done in person so I will have to spend at least one day in CT tracking down any original paperwork on my paternal grandfather and when he immigrated to the USA. The records are… um… not exactly clear-cut. ;-)

The house where I am planning on staying while in Sicily looks over the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. This is the view from the balcony:

I’m going to have a lot on my plate in terms of places to go and things to see.  So far, I’ve made of list of the following:

Parco Archaeologico della Neapolis
Viale Paradiso
*Teatro Greco
*Roman Amphitheatre
*Orecchio di Dionisio
*Latomia del Paradiso
*Necropoli dei Grotticelli
*Fontana Aretusa
*Tempio di Apollo
*Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi
*Museum of Ancient Greek Theatre
*Temple of Demeter, Enna
*Fontana del Rato di Prosperina

Day Trips:
Town of Melilli
Mt. Etna (and many returns to Enna)

If you can think of anything that I simply HAVE to do while in Sicily, let me know!  I’ll keep you all informed!

Ciao e benedizioni,


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  • Anonymous

    It’s good that you’re so well organized. In Malta are some of the most ancient religious ruins in the world. It must be tied to the Old Religion, and they were designed astronomically. Enjoy your trip!

    ~Merry Moon~