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    Wicca Demystified  by  Bryan Lankford  © 2005 Marlowe and Company  ISBN  1-56924-380-8  Paperback  272 pages   $15.95  (U.S.)

    No, this is not a “Wicca 101” book, although it shares certain characteristics with that type of book.  It covers a lot of the basics of what Wicca is, and is not.  However, this book is aimed at the outsider; the one whose family member, best friend. Lover, co-worker, etc. has just dropped the bombshell by saying “I’m learning Wicca,” or “I am Wiccan.”

    The first half of the book provides a broad overview while the second half, in a question and answer format, goes into greater detail.  This book, like When Someone You Love is Wiccan (Carl McColman, New Page Press, 2004) doesn’t contain details of rituals, invocations or theological debates.  It does contain an admittedly personal view of what Wicca is and why someone might choose it as their religion of choice.

    Whether you agree or disagree with Mr. Lankford’s definitions and positions, I really feel that you need to admire his willingness to put his views out in front of the public.  Mr. Lankford has functioned as an officer of the Covenant of the Goddess, lectured at various universities, and been frequently interviewed by the media.

    Bryan has written a book which is informative and fun to read.  It is pleasant, answers many questions, and provides an excellent overview of Wicca.

    He doesn’t pretend that he has all the answers.  Nor does he pretend that Wicca is for everyone.  He presents several ideas which may be different from the mainstream opinions, but is adamant about telling the reader that no one opinion will be shared by all Wiccans.


    The religion could use more books like this one.  It is well written and honest.  If you are anticipating “coming out of the broom closet” to someone, it would be a good idea to have a copy of this book to loan them.

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