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    Quicksilver Moon   by   Barbara Ardinger         © 2002     Three Moons Media  ISBN 0-9725164-5-X    388 pages   paperback        $18.00  (U.S.)

    I have to admit that I am a sucker for a good vampire book (okay, go ahead and groan).  I am also a big fan of fiction written, believably, about modern-day Pagans and Witches.  To find both of those in a single book is a real treat.  Ah, a Goddess-worshipping vampire – that must be a novelty in modern literature.  I’m sure some Pagan readers are already shaking their heads, or deciding that there is no reason to read the rest of this review.  You’ll never know what you are missing, but it is your decision to make.


    This is the second novels I have read in recent years with an emphasis on ecumenical aspects of religion.  Now, I don’t know if there is any connect between this novel, The Song of an Emerald Dove (the other ecumenical novel I referred to), and a story which appeared decades ago in the original incarnation of “Green Egg” (published by the Church of All Worlds) entitled “Guess Who’s Coming…to Yule?” but I would like to think that all three are linked by a desire to see sectarianism of any type become an outdated concept.  Perhaps if more stories are published on this theme, it may begin to manifest in the physical world.  Okay, enough about what I would like to see – back to the book under review.


    There is a flow to this book which, while not overpowering, is compelling.  I had a tone of stuff I could be doing when I started reading it, but somehow it all kept getting put aside so I could grab a few more minutes here and there to read a few more pages.  Generally, I try to allocate ten days to read a book for review, so that I don’t  burn myself out or get too involved.  I got so caught up in this one that it only took me a couple of days to read it.


    There is something about a book written by someone who really knows about magick.  It isn’t about flashy Hollywood effects and major productions.  Sometimes all it takes is a determined mind and strong visualization.


    The final fifty pages or so of this book have to be among the most horrifying I have read in a very long time.  And that is, simply, because it COULD happen.  In fact it DOES happen in this country of ours. Not with the media coverage perhaps, and not with the large numbers of people arrested, but it does happen.


    At the same time, they are some of the most hopeful pages I have read in quite a while; because people of different traditions, people of different religions, can recognize a common danger and evil and rally for support.


    This book has been around for a few years.  It really does deserve to be better known.  Go to http://www.threemoonsmedia.com (or amazon.com) and get a copy for yourself.


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