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    Here is our collection of book reviews. Most of them are from the collection of Mike Gleason.

    It is with heavy hearts that we learned of the passing of Mike on Thursday, August 30th, 2012. He will be greatly missed. In honor of Mike and all the wonderful work that he has done for the Pagan Community over the years, I wanted to provide a place where his reviews would live on and be a resource for Pagans of all experience levels. Here, all of the reviews that Mike has sent me over the years have been converted from their original emails into PDF with only minor format adjustments and with the addition of © Mike Gleason. Thank you for all your work, Mike. You will be missed.

    About Mike Gleason – Mike Gleason had spent the last several years reviewing books for the Pagan/Wiccan/Witch/Magickal community as a public service. Mike lived with his wife and children in Massachusetts. He was co-publisher of a small Pagan magazine (THiNK! The Best in Pagan Thought) for the entire run of its existence (about three years), and Co-Director of the Massachusetts chapter of Witches Against Religious Discrimination (before its dissolution in 2003). He was a member of the Pagan Way (Temple of Uranus – Chicago, IL) and received his First Degree initiation from them. He was also a member of The Sabaean Religious Order of A’mn (also in Chicago). He was the former High Priest of Coven EarthRose (Alexandrian Tradition).

    He dedicated his time to sharing his knowledge and opinions with others through his book reviews. He often averaged reviewing 50+ books per year.

    If you are a book reviewer of pagan and occult material and would like to have your reviews featured here, please contact us!

    We received these kind words from Carl Neal, author of Incense Magick, and wanted to share them with you.

    “Mike Gleason was a one-of-a-kind. Not only did he write wonderful, accessible reviews he also found a way to relate those reviews to everyone who read them. His contributions to the Pagan community were significant and will not be soon forgotten. Mike wrote the first review of any of my books and I never took the time to thank him for his kind words towards me. I am confident, however, that he can hear my thanks now.

    We shall meet yet Mike, just on the other side of the veil. Thank you for everything you did for our community. Your work will never be forgotten and we honor your memory by continuing to discuss and consider what it means to be Pagans and holding up wonderful people like you as examples for the rest of us. Thank you Mike and rest well in Summerland until you are ready for another round on this wonderful Earth (or wherever else you choose!).

    -Carl Neal, The Incense Dragon”

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