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    Baqca  (Book One in the Golden Wyvern series)  by  Alan Breck Stewart  © 1993  G.A. Publishing, Inc.  PO Box 742705  Dallas, TX  75374-2705   ISBN  0-9753946-0-6  254 pages   paperback   $13.95 (U.S.)

    As soon as I started reading this book, I was hooked.  I can sympathize with Colin Campbell’s attitude.  I have been inundated with books about, and references to, the Priory of Sion and the concept of the continuing sacred bloodline of Jesus Christ.

    While reading this book, especially the chapter entitled “Nicea,” it would help to know a bit about the Church Council of Nicea in 325 C.E.  It is no absolutely essential, but it gives slightly better understanding of the actions and motivations involved.

    Before I finished this book I knew I was going to be disappointed – that it is only the first third of a trilogy.  Sure there is conflict; sure there are unexpected twists; and the characters come alive.  There simply isn’t enough of it.  At 254 pages, it is short enough to be read fairly quickly.  It could easily have been 400 pages or so and would still leave the reader wanting more.

    Book Two:  THE OWN AND THE WOLF should be about the same length (I expect), since it is also composed of three chapters.  Book Three:  Deathwalker, brings the conclusion, and may be a bit longer since it has to tie together all the threads.

    I look forward, eagerly, to reading the remaining books.  This book demonstrates a profound ability to tell a story as well as being able to incorporate sensuality (a very minor part of the story), mysticism, and an understanding of humanity’s relationship to the universe.

    This particular book is a very compelling read.  I normally try to pace myself when reading fiction so that I can savor it.  The pace and writing style exhibited by Mr. Stewart drew me along as compellingly as the dance of Tengri (the baqca of the title) upon the fibers of the universe.  Less than three days after starting it, I was (reluctantly) closing it at the conclusion of the first book of this trilogy.

    Please be aware that this is adult fiction; not because of sexuality (there is little of that); not because of nightmare inspiring images (although there are a few of those); but because it deals with topics which require a mature attitude to understand.

    It is far and away the most enjoyable work of fiction I have read in a long time.  You don’t need to know the workings of shamanism, or Christianity, or paganism to be able to enjoy this exhilarating story.


    Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today.  And keep your eyes open for the remaining two books.

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