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    2006 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac    ©  2005    Llewellyn   ISBN  0-7387-0230-7  264

    pages  paperback   $7.99 (U.S.)   $10.50 (Canada)

    I have to say that this is my least favorite almanac of Llewellyn’s yearly offerings.  I just don’t like the formatting they use in it.  On the other hand, the spells, charms, etc., never fail to offer me useful surprise or three.  They range from prosperity to protection for the computer; from ideas for making lasting resolutions to blessings for the flying creatures who share this world with us; and from extremely simple to moderately complex.  If you can’t find a number of useful ideas within the covers of this book, you just aren’t trying.

    Each daily entry gives moon phases and transitions into signs (when appropriate), as well as a color for the day (drawn from the ruling planet) and an incense for the day.  The majority of the daily entry is devoted to the spell, charm, etc. with a tiny bit of space for notes (about two inches wide by an inch deep).

    Some of the charms and spells are serious in tone, but a great many have more of a “fun” feel.  Too often we forget that sincerity is far more important in magick than seriousness.  You can enjoy yourself while working magick.  Spells do not necessarily have to be overly involved.

    There are some typographical errors in this book, but they mostly consist of homophonic errors (e.g., “Morning Due” for “Morning Dew” on May 2nd).  Since there are 365 entries on a wide variety of topics by fifteen different authors, it isn’t too surprising that some errors slipped through.  Don’t let these minor imperfections upset you.  Let the ideas serve as an inspiration for your own workings.  You don’t need to follow them slavishly, let them spark your imagination.

    Some of the suggestions are more practical than magickal, at least on the surface.  The practicality, however, induces change, and change is, after all, what magick is all about.

    Read this book for enjoyment.  Each day’s entry will bring something unexpected.  Don’t expect any great revelations, that isn’t the purpose of the book.  Its purpose is to entertain, and most importantly, to remind us to enjoy our journey through life.


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