2 Days and Counting

2 days and counting. Just today and tomorrow and then Friday I board the plane.

Everything is set except the arrangements for an overseas phone. Sprint (my current carrier) sucks.  I need a phone that will do text, voice, and data (especially for GPS). Their solution is … nothing. Actually, they want me to go to their international office and use their HUGELY overprices international roaming rates.  My current phone has an embedded sim chip so it won’t work overseas even if they unlock it.  If I pay full price for the new S4, I can use a SIM chip overseas if they unlock it but they won’t do that until it’s been on their network for at least 90 days – and the phone is like $600! If I”m going to pay full price for a phone, you can be damn sure that I’m not going to lock myself into a 2 year contract that only screws me!

I may just buy a new phone and sim card while in Sicily and hope for the best.  At least I’ll have internet during the day at a local bookstore. I should be able to put my phone on their wifi network and send/receive texts with my gmail/voice account. That’s going to have to do until I can get to a mobile phone store in Sicily that will rent for a month or sell a cheap smartphone.

Ciao a tutti!


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