5 Days and Counting

5 days and counting until I leave for Sicily.

Today, I finished 90% of my packing.  Basically, I’m done.  I always like to pack early so in the last 2 or 3 days leading up to my departure, I can rearrange where I packed stuff. Inevitably, I realize that I really don’t need something in my carry-on and moving it to my checked bag makes room for reading material or space to make my carry-on lighter.

I still have to make some scans of my documentation.  I know that I’ll have physical copies of things (emergency contact info, passport, directions, etc.) but I will feel safer knowing that there are electronic copies easily accessible to me.

The last thing I need to do is find my camera (I found the charger and power cord!) and pack my laptop.

I just tried to add the Blogger app to my Hootsuite account to make updating the various social networking accounts easier.  Unfortunately, Hootsuite chokes every time it tries to connect. 

I’m going to miss my usual September routine – apple picking, cherishing the crisp arrival of the fall, celebrating the equinox in New England, etc.  I really do think that autumn is my favorite season.  Sure, the others have things going for them but there’s something special about autumn in New England.

Ciao a tutti!


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