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    The Temple of Shamanic Witchcraft Companion CD  by  Christopher Penczak   ©  2005 Llewellyn  ISBN  0-7387-0768-6    4 CD set             $24.95 (U.S.)  $33.95 (Canada)


    This set of CDs, the most recent release in the series, is very different from the preceding sets in that it is far more concerned with ritual work as opposed to meditative work.  There are drum journeys (both solo and multiple, as well as a singing bowl journey and a rattle and drum journey.


    Each CD in the set has a guided visualization to prepare you for the work contained in the following segments and ends with a callback to normal consciousness


    The relaxation portion of each ritual consists of the by now familiar sequence (if you have used the other sets in the series), using the same wording and imagery.  There is a more pronounced musical accompaniment on these CDs, as would be expected since it is predicated on the idea of percussion being used as an aid to shamanic workings.


    IF you have never worked with “singing bowls” for ritual work (as I had not), you might be surprised at how effective such accompaniment can do for the use of shamanic journeying.  It is quite a different experience from the use of drums and/or rattles.


    The vast majority of each track on the first three CDs is composed of the drumming, rattle, or singing bowl with very few spoken words, thus enhancing the experience.


    I listened to this set of CDs in a household going about its daily routines and still felt the effects, thus convincing me that it would be even more effective in a proper meditative environment.


    If you wish to work with the concepts of shamanic experiences, this CD set is an invaluable aid to accomplishing this goal.  It is well worth the cost.


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