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    The Sea Queen and the Shore Witch   by  Jamie Grandy  (Illustrated by Gail M. Nelson)  © 2004  Abzu’s Fountain Press   ISBN  0-9760268-0-5  paperback  48 Pages  $

    Available from or wholesale (5 or more copies) from

    Okay, first off this is an extremely high price for a very short book, but once you hold it in your hands and the see gentle illustrations and colors, you will appreciate why it is so expensive.

    The illustrations are soft and dreamlike with gentle pastel colors and no harsh angles.  The background colors for the pages of text (tan and aqua) make this book a pleasure to read.

    The typeface chosen (16.5 pt Brandywine) makes it look like the book has been hand-lettered.  It is easy to read and adds to the charm of the book.

    This is a story designed to support Pagan lifestyles.  It teaches good Pagan values, such as following through on commitments; working for the welfare of others, and facing your fears.  Come to think of it, those are values everyone can embrace.

    Sometimes problems exist, and continue, simply because no one has taken the time to ask what the problem is and how it can be resolved.  That is one of the lessons Katia learns on her quest to save her mother, when all the adults have given up.

    Katia solves the problem she sets out to solve, and others she never knew existed during the course of her experiences.  Although things come to a successful resolution, that doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with the results.

    I cannot recommend this book strongly enough to parents.  It is a great book to read to your children.  It is also a good book for youngsters just starting on the great adventure of reading.  Buy this book.


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