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    The Oestara Anthology of Poetry   Edited by  Cynthia Joyce Clay  ©  2005  Book Surge Publishing   ISBN  1-4196-1524-6    132 pages  paperback $14.99 (U.S.)


    I’ve been interested in Pagan poetry ever since a friend and I published a small-run Pagan magazine for a few years.  I’ve also been disappointed by the lack of Pagan poetry books being produced in this country.  So, when I saw this book offered, I had to request a copy.  Now, I am by no means a poet.  Nor am I particularly addicted to poetry.  Having made that clear I have to say that I really enjoyed this work.  It is available from as either a printed book or as an e-book.  Since I am addicted to printed works, I have added this one to my collection.


    My one regret about this work is that the odds are it will be overlooked by far too many people.  Perhaps this review can help that situation.


    There are a number of poets represented in this collection (about 20 or so).  The poems range from very short to fairly long and range in topics.  They were submitted to a poetry contest offered by the publishing company that brought out this collection.  The judges include a Wiccan Priest who is also a trained musician; an actor who includes being an English teacher and being in the corps de ballet at the Chicago Ballet among her experiences; and a theater major and author with an extensive background in poetry


    They have presented a wide variety of poetic forms (linked haiku, villanelle, rondeau, sonnet and free verse) and an impressive number of poems (67).  If you can’t find something in this collection that speaks to your soul ask yourself these two questions:  First – Are you sure you’re Pagan? And second – Are you sure you have a pulse?


    Enjoy this collection.  I did.  And I hope there are more to follow


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