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    The Law of Three (Book Four in the Rowan Gant Investigations)  by  M. R. Sellars  © 2003   Willow  Tree Press            ISBN  0-9678221-8-1   327 Pages   paperback             $12.95 (U.S.)


    As Book Four in the series of Rowan Gant Investigations opens a living nightmare from Rowan’s recent past is back.  It has been less than two years since a self-appointed “witch hunter” tried to kill Rowan, and was presumed to have died during that attempt.  Rowan never believed he had died, and he was proven right.  Now their lives are set to intersect once again.


    It has been a hectic couple of years for Rowan.  He has had to deal with the death of fellow Witches and Pagans; his own sense of disconnectedness had to be addressed; his wife was kidnapped; six young women had been killed, and that didn’t even count the necessity of maintaining his family life and keeping up with his work in software design.  But, a new year has dawned, and there is nowhere to go but up, right?


    Then a man is found executed, a man Rowan knows.  Rowan got started in all these investigations because a former student of his, currently High Priestess of a coven, had been the first victim of the “witch hunter”.  Now one of her students has been executed, a young man Rowan and his wife, Felicity, have worked in circle with after the death of the young lady in question.  It has come full circle.


    This book explores in great depth the workings of the relationship between the “witch hunter” and the forces of his delusion.  Eldon Porter, the aforesaid “witch hunter”, sees Rowan Gant as the “leader” of the conspiracy by Satan in the St. Louis area.  He won’t be content with Rowan’s death, but is convinced that it will make it easier for him to carry out “God’s work”.


    We see more of Rowan Gant’s interactions with local and federal law enforcement groups, including his butting heads with a local office who epitomizes the idea of an intolerant Bible-thumper.  He receives some unexpected support in his confrontation with her.  We also get to see some more of his wife’s Irish temper.


    The book ends with a cliff-hanger ending, thus preparing us to move swiftly forward into the fifth book in the series, Crone’s Moon.


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