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    The Ghost of Shady Lane  (Book Eight in the “Fortune Teller’s Club” series    by    Dotti Enderle   ©  2005   Llewellyn          Worldwide  144 pages  paperback  ISBN 0-7387-0590-x  $4.99 (U.S.)   $6.50 (Canada)   Novel  Ages 8 to 12

    Anne, Gena and Juniper set out to solve another mystery in this latest installment of the “Fortune Teller’s Club” series.  The girls have been assigned a research project for their social studies class, and Ann has chosen a local historical house which is allegedly haunted by the ghost of the Grey Lady.

    She sneaks onto the property to get some photos for her report.  Using here father’s digital camera she gets some shots.  While looking at them on her computer, before printing them out, she sees something…something which looks vaguely like a face when she examines it under higher magnification.  Could she have caught the Gray Lady?  She needs to talk to someone who might be able to help her, but who?

    She finds a photographer who thinks she may be on the real thing, but she wants to talk to the one person who has allegedly encountered the Grey Lady.  The problem is that he had his encounter with her when he was 11 years old, and he is now a retired world traveler, and a grandfather whose “attention span suffers” according to his granddaughter.

    The girls sneak into the house (of course), and run into unexpected surprises.  Who is the woman who identifies herself to Anne as Liz Browning?  What lies in store for Anne, now that she has discovered the joys of spirit photography?  I guess we’ll just have to wait for the next book to come out.

    While this was a fun book, I do have one minor (or maybe not so minor) complaint.  In most of the other books in this series, there has been a lot more emphasis on the use of divination to arrive at the solution.  This book strays from that format.

    The unorthodox use of divination has always been a strong point in the appeal of this series, from my perspective.  I’m not sure if the series will continue with the same appeal if that focus shifts.


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