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    Sea, Land, Sky: A Dragon Magick Grimoiore by Parker J. Torrence  © 2002     Three Moons Media  ISBN 0-9725164-4-1    183 pages  Includes Appendices   paperback  $14.50  (U.S.)


    The body of this book contains, in addition to the text, fifty-four pages of lined paper (I assume to make notes and record the start of your own Dragon Book of Shadows).  That leaves a mere 101 pages of text.  This is not a text for a novice.  It is an intermediate level book which assumes that you already have a basic grasp of magickal technique and know how to do all the basics.  This is about connecting to another source of energy and power.


    Mr. Torrence, may the gods bless him, makes it abundantly clear what dragon magick is from the very beginning.  He also makes it clear that, in his opinion (one I happen to share), the use of ANY magick is gray and any attempt to classify it (black or white, high or low, etc.) is simply an attempt to avoid personal responsibility for one’s actions.


    Mr. Torrence and I seem to share more than a few attitudes and even a few statements that we use.  On page 129 he says “The universe might not give you what you want, but she will always give you what you need.”  The only difference is that I normally substitute “Goddess” for “universe.”


    He includes a few simple correspondences, some basic formulas for incenses and oils, and a very few illustrations.


    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got this book.  I’ve had an affinity for dragons for a very long time, but never considered the topic of dragon magick seriously before.  I was quite impressed with Mr. Torrence’s approach and his presentation.  I’m not sure how much of this information I will incorporate into my own workings, but it definitely provided food for thought.


    If the topic interests you, go to or and order yourself a copy.


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