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    Perfect Trust (Book Three in the Rowan Gant Investigations)  by M. R. Sellars  © 2002  Willow Tree Press  ISBN  0-9678221-9-X  369  Pages   paperback         $8.95 (U.S.)


    Book Three of the Rowan Gant Investigations picks up where Book Two (Never Burn a Witch) left off.  Actually, it picks up a bit before Book Two ends


    One of the things I like about Mr. Sellars’ writing style is that it is a first-person narrative.  You get to see and experience things from Rowan’s point of view.  Another thing that I really enjoy is that his characters are all too obviously human.  They are fully believable, short-tempered, loving, caring individuals.  If that sounds contradictory to you, it sounds real to me.  I may not live in St. Louis; I may not be in the software development field; I may not have a homicide detective as my best friend, but I can easily identify with, and relate to, his characters.  I may not be them, but I certainly know them.


    As is to be expected, each case Rowan finds himself drawn into reveals the inner workings of each of the main characters in greater depth.  This is maintained along with the ability of each story to stand on its own.  It is nice to have read the preceding books, but it isn’t absolutely necessary.


    This particular story finds Rowan questioning his own sanity for a number of reasons.  This is something which many Witches can identify with, I am sure.  We experience moments when we question the validity of our own experiences and wonder if, perchance, we are losing it.


    This case is a first for Rowan in several ways.  For one thing, his ability to control his spiritual operations (for lack of a better description) is severely compromised.  For another, his treatment by entities that have crossed over is unique in his experience.  And then, there is the fact that this is his third involvement in this sort of activity within the past twelve months.  Any one of those factors would be enough to keep one off-balance.  All three of them are just a bit too much, even for someone raised in the Craft.


    Rowan Gant is no super-human hero.  He is beset by all the emotions shared by the rest of the human race.  Although he subscribes to the Wiccan Rede, even that is not an absolute.  When his wife is endangered, he desires vengeance and is not above homicidal thoughts.


    It is enjoyable watching Rowan, Felicity, and all the other major characters in this series grow and develop.  Each book in the series has been a real pleasure to read.  I don’t anticipate that changing any time soon.


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