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    Love Is The Bond (Book Six in the Rowan Gant Investigations) by  M. R. Sellars  © 2005  Willow  Tree Press ISBN  0-9678221-2-2    346 Pages   paperback           $14.95 (U.S.)

    In my last review (of Book 5 in the series, Crone’s Moon) I said that the advantage of having missed this series for as long as I has was that I didn’t have to wait for each sequel.  The disadvantage to getting them all at once is the same.  This series, by M. R. Sellars, is composed of well-written, authentic, and compelling page-turning stories.  To give you an idea of just how compelling they are – I started Book One (Harm None) on a Thursday morning and finished Book Six (this book) on the following Sunday evening (les than 96 hours later).  Granted, I didn’t have much else going on, but better than 2000 pages in 96 hours is pretty compelling stuff.  I could have stopped at any time, I just didn’t want to.

    This book marks a departure in Mr. Sellars’ style.  Instead of picking up his narrative where he left off in The Law of Three, he has allowed two years to elapse since we last saw Felicity and Rowan Gant, which is one more example (in my opinion) of the realism he brings to this series.  Nobody exists at the frenzied pace of Rowan Gant’s life in the first several books without suffering burnout or worse.  There have to be periods of decompression, and this has obviously been one such period..

    As with all good series, we continue to learn more of the “back story” of the major characters.  Some of what we learn is totally unexpected.  Who would have suspected what lay in Felicity’s past?  Some of it is merely interesting.  But all of it helps us to develop more of a feel for these people.

    For the past four years Rowan Gant has channeled entities that exist on other planes of existence.  His wife, Felicity, has done so as well.  This time Felicity ties in to something which is far too powerful to be dealt with on her own, and Rowan doesn’t seem to be able to help her.

    The lines blur between Felicity and the spirit she is channeling.  Although she is a Witch, as is Rowan, she has little protection when she is ridden (even if it is second-hand) by a Lwa.  Her link to the Lwa’s actual “horse” removes her a bit from the full force of possession, but not far enough for her own abilities to offer her any protection.

    Not only are Rowan and his friend Detective Storm looking for her, so are large numbers of police officers, as well as at least a few FBI agents.  Of course those who don’t know her (the vast majority of the searchers) are only looking for an armed fugitive.  And then there is “Bible Barb” Albright, who would love nothing so much as an excuse to lock up one of those “spawn of Satan.”

    I’ll say no more about the plot.  In fact I will simply say that this is another work by M. R. Sellars which will sweep you up in its current and carry you along rapidly to its conclusion.  I seriously that you NOT start this book if you don’t have time, at the least, to read large chunks of it in one sitting.  You won’t want to put it down once you start, and will probably exhibit impatience if you have to stop reading it for very long


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