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    Egyptian Power Stamps  by  Dr. Ronald Bonewitz  © 2003    Red Wheel/Weiser   ISBN  1-59003-0660448 page booklet, 12 stamps, stamp pad & Bast Statuette$22.95


    The 48 page booklet included in this kit explains the meanings of each of the stamps and, with the included stamp pad, lets you begin using this set as soon as you get it home.  You can use the stamps to decorate invitations, envelopes, altar cloths or scarves (with fabric ink available from arts and crafts stores).  You can use them for illustrations in (or on) notebooks, as edging around pages or almost anything you desire.


    It does take a few moments to begin using this set, as a certain amount of assembly is required.  The Bast statuette holds the stamp in use.  The stamps each have a sticky back and need to be applied to a resin base.  The combined stamp and base are then slid into the bottom of the Bast statuette.


    The included stamps are Bast, Ra, Horus, Hathor, Kephri, Ma’at, Anubis, Sekhment, Ptah, Thoth, and Selket (however, as my daughter commented “What, no Isis or Osiris?  How can you have Egyptian stamps and no Isis or Osiris?”).  Each of them is explained over the space of three pages per deity.  These explanations include both ancient and modern keywords, a basic description of the deity, things associated with the deity (e.g., cat mummies for Bast), the hieroglyphs associated with the deity and the relevance of the deity to today’s world.


    Also included in the booklet is a brief, five page overview of Ancient Egypt, a one page tabulation of the deities on the stamps and three pages of instructions for assembling and using the stamps.  My only problem with this section is that I feel the first page of it (detailing the assembly of the stamps) should have started the booklet rather than being at the back.


    The stamps are cleanly cut and produce a nice, sharp image with little effort.  The ability to switch stamps onto a single “handle” is a nice touch, since it reduces the amount of space needed to store this kit (it can be stored in the box it comes in, with a bit of planning).


    The kit is well worth the cost since it comes out to less than $2 per piece (12 stamps, one stamp pad and one stamp holder).  You would pay far more in any arts and craft store.


    The images are about half an inch wide by one inch tall, which is large enough to see all the details, while being small enough to be useful in a variety of applications.  Use them in a variety of applications.  Use them in your journals, make bookmarks with them, and stamp them on envelopes.  In short, enjoy yourself while using them.


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