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    2006 Witches’ Calendar   ©  2005    Llewellyn  ISBN  0-7387-0153-x   33 pages  $12.99 (U.S.)    $18.99 (Canada)

    There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about a calendar.  The old stand-bys are there – Moon phases, astronomical/astrological data and colors for each day.  Memorable birthdays and death days (the birthday of Dorothy Clutterbuck on January 19th, the death of Gwydion Penderwen on November 19th, for example) significant firsts, and other memorable events in Pagan history also find a place on the monthly pages (Z. Budapest’s arrest for fortunetelling on February 10, 1975 for example), as do the more mundane observances (Groundhog Day, Thanksgiving, etc.)

    Although there are those who turn up their nose at anything from Llewellyn (often with no explanation other than “It’s from Llewellyn.”), one thing must be conceded by any reasonably fair-minded individual – Llewellyn is one of the few sources for reasonably priced calendars, almanac, etc. on an ongoing basis.  They cover a wide scope in their articles and they consistently keep their annual prices low enough that people don’t have to save up to buy them.

    Each publication of this calendar includes some one-page articles (bear in mind that these pages are larger than the average book).  The major articles this year are wide-ranging as usual (Protecting Hearth and Home, Patron Deities of Egypt, Brightware:  Magical Jewelry, The Evil Eye, Fabulous Feasts, the Magic Box, New Year’s Magic, and The Witch Cleans House).  Each article covers a page, but for all their brevity they are good sources of information.  None of these articles are great writing, but it is amazing how practical they can be.

    The illustrations in this year’s calendar are by Jennifer Hewiston, who is a freelance illustrator.  They are colorful and appealing, in a slightly raw sort of way.  They have a feel of simplicity yet still convey a sense of power.

    Alongside each monthly illustration is a short article conveying some basic information about the month and, in some cases, some simple ritual ideas.

    I look forward to the arrival of this calendar every year for the wealth of information it contains.  Hanging this calendar on your wall, and checking it on a regular basis, will be a sure way to inspire your magical workings through the year


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