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If you can’t summarize it in 3 decent sized paragraphs, then you don’t know enough about the subject.

Ciao a tutti, I’ve been stuck for blog topics.  Not because I don’t have any. Because the ones that I do have seem to fit best with back-and-forth dialogue rather than the neat (sterile?) written word.  They’re less about opinions and more about questions and trying to find answers. For […]

Mental masturbation in the Pagan community… 7

Mental masturbation in the Pagan community… “Between blind faith and critical thinking, I’ll take critical thinking any day.” That’s a quote that I’ve heard no less than 4 times this week and it’s only Wednesday.  I happen to agree with it. There was a time when (generally speaking) the Pagan […]

American Traditional Witchcraft 3

So, my friends, what is American Traditional Witchcraft? I’ve been mulling this around for a couple weeks now and I find it quite fascinating.  No two people that I’ve spoken to use same definition – or even close to the same description! In this context:American means the people and cultures […]

Philosophy? Religion? Philosophical Religion? Religious Philosophy? 4

Philosophy? Religion? Philosophical Religion? Religious Philosophy? Recently, I had a fascinating discussion with a friend of mine.  Somehow, we got onto the topic of Philosophy and Religion as “Paths” or major guiding factors in one’s life.  The conversation ran the spectrum from the ancient religions and philosophers right up to […]

Brilliant Analysis of the Charge by Sorita d’Este & David Rankine

Note Bene:  This is NOT my work!  This is a repost from http://wicca.avalonia.co.uk/?page_id=155. I just happen to think that it’s very very good.  Buy the book.  :-) Charge of the Goddess: Analysis —————————————-The following is an extract from the book WICCA MAGICKAL BEGINNINGS by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine (Avalonia, […]