Italic Craft

Items related to Stregheria and Stregoneria: the practices and systems derived from the Italic cultures (Italy, Sicily, Greece, Southern Europe, the greater Mediterranean, and the Italic immigrant cultures of the USA).

Interview on Consciousness Rising Radio Show

Ciao a tutti,   On Tuesday, I was honored to be interviewed by Peggy Brewster for her Consciousness Rising Radio show.  The FaceBook page is located at  The schedule when the interview will air should be up shortly so check back.   The interview was in my favorite format – […]

Non-Pagan Elements in Italic-American Witchcraft 2

Non-Pagan Elements in Italic-American Witchcraft (C) 2014, Vincent Russo – I’m often asked questions such as “Why are some branches of the Strega Traditions more Pagan, and some more Christian, and some more of a blend of both? Why is does this appear true, especially in the United States?” […]

Busy creating content

Busy creating content Ciao a tutti,It’s been very busy here!  I’ve spent that last couple weeks working on products like reformulating and pricing our incense. We’ve even had a few nibbles about wholesaling the incense to some stores.  :-) For the past week or so, Mike and I have been […]