Italic Craft

Items related to Stregheria and Stregoneria: the practices and systems derived from the Italic cultures (Italy, Sicily, Greece, Southern Europe, the greater Mediterranean, and the Italic immigrant cultures of the USA).

Workshops at A Feast of Lights

Ciao a tutti! I will be offering two presentations at EarthSpirit’s “A Feast of Lights”.  A Feast of Lights will be held February 10, 11, and 12 in Sturbridge, MA. Workshop #1 is more of a discussion format: Sicilian-American Craft re-membered Religio-magical Traditions in Sicily are numerous. The most visible […]

Lare and Lase

Ciao a tutti,   Over the past few days, a theme has been made apparent to me.  Several of the discussion groups in which I participate have been discussing spirits – specifically the Lare and Lase.   Below is something I wrote for a project so I thought that I’d […]