Blessed Feast of Demeter Malophoros!

Blessed Feast of Demeter Malophoros!
Sunset marks the start of a (one to three day) festival for Demeter. Over this time, give thanks for the fruits of your labors and break bread with those who mean the world to you. And, if possible, take steps to nurture or rebuild Peace amongst your relations.
(Sometimes associated with the Festa di Madonna del Carmen (Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel) on July 16th. Identified in Italy with the Goddess Demeter and known (in Trapani) as Lady of Bread and Lady of the Wheat Sheaf.) This is a traditional time for Initiations.
Here is a link to pictures of her sanctuary in Sicily:

From the Society of Diana –
This Monday, July 13, marks the feast of Demeter Malophoros. It celebrates the first fruits, especially on the vine and in the orchards. In Southern Italy, its celebration is grafted on to the solemnities surrounding our Lady of Mount Carmel on the 16th, often as a symbolic offering of fruit and grain to “the Lady”.
Historically, it would have lasted from the Ides until the end of the month. In many Southern Italian branches of the Craft, it is roughly equivalent to our Northern kin’s celebration of Lammas or Lughnasadh. Indeed, many American practitioners have shifted the observance to be in accord with our distant cousins from Celtic shores.
That said, without breaching sacred trust, for MOST Italian traditions of the Craft… it is a rustic celebration of family and harvest, with thanks offered and petitions made. More mystical precedence tends to be given to Diana’s Nemoralia on the Ides of August.

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