Focusing a bit on Streghe.US

Ciao a tutti!


Lately, I’ve been busy with and setting up a new specials/discount category for customers.  Now that we have that in place, I’m going to spend a bit of time sprucing up and fleshing out our resource site:


I’ve put out some new articles and some partial articles with links to the originals (to preserve copyright).  At the moment, the forums are basic but functional.


I’ve temporarily disabled the “groups” feature until we get more traffic and it makes sense to provide specific groups with their own forums.  There is one private group for the members and guests of the Tradizione della Rosa d’Oro and it includes a GCalendar of events.  I’ve copied the GCalendar post here: Rosa d’Oro GCal.

In case I got the permissions wrong, here is the original html link:


So, please feel free to visit and add content and start some discussions!





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