Yearly Archives: 2013

Sept 8 – Fare Colazione

Sept 8 Fare Colazione: espresso al bar è late solo a Café Apollo. When they say that nothing is open in Italy on a Sunday, they really mean it!  I spent the day walking around the island and getting some sun. I do mean walking AROUND the island. I really […]

Sept 6 – I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Fair warning, the internet connection at he B&B is VERY slow. I’ll post some text  now and add pictures later. Sept 6 Amazingly easy check in at Boston’s Logan Airport.  Yummy “American style” lunch of clam chowder and steak sub. TSA was reasonable and polite even though their baggage scanner […]

1 Day and Counting…

One day and counting – I leave tomorrow! Today, I spent the day visiting with friends and doing… well, doing nothing.  :-) I got to watch the guys from a local landscaping company fix the yard up. I have them removing some trees, cleaning the yard, and making a path […]

2 Days and Counting

2 days and counting. Just today and tomorrow and then Friday I board the plane. Everything is set except the arrangements for an overseas phone. Sprint (my current carrier) sucks.  I need a phone that will do text, voice, and data (especially for GPS). Their solution is … nothing. Actually, […]

3 Days and Counting

3 days and counting – today, Wednesday, and Thursday – Friday I board the plane!  It’s really starting to seem real instead of a pipe dream.  Now I’m starting to realize how inadequate my Italian-American slang really is. Luckily, I little immersion learning will cure that! This morning, while playing […]

5 Days and Counting

5 days and counting until I leave for Sicily. Today, I finished 90% of my packing.  Basically, I’m done.  I always like to pack early so in the last 2 or 3 days leading up to my departure, I can rearrange where I packed stuff. Inevitably, I realize that I […]