Monthly Archives: August 2013

7 Days and Counting

7 days and counting until I leave for my trip. Today, I was distracted by an article that T. Thorne Coye posted. The original link is here:Bansheearts – Whose Ancestors?It brings up some interesting conversations/ideas regarding Ancestors and cultural identity/spirituality. Almost the opposite side of the “cultural appropriation” and “purity” […]

8 Days and counting

8 days and counting before I leave. I spent a good portion of today going over my travel Italian.  Today’s words are words that I’m familiar with but can’t seem to keep in my head.  They’re aschiutto, bagnata, pulita, puzza, lenzuolo, cuscino, spazzola, spazzolino, sapore, cattivo, and my favorite asciugamano […]

9 Days and Counting

9 day and counting until I leave for my trip. While gone, I play on keeping a travel log of my journey and my thoughts. This seems like a really good place to keep. As part of getting ready, I’ve been reviewing my social networking presence. The number of “groups” […]