News for our customers!

News for our customers –

Mike and I have been extremely busy redesigning our business model, improving the technical specs of our various website projects, and giving the sites a “makeover”. Our goal is to have the redesigns up and running by the beginning of October. I can’t guarantee that it will be up for October 1st, but it should be live sometime during the first week of October.

Currently we have Arsenic & Old Lace for our main commerce site, tarot readings, and resources. Unfortunately, at a commerce focused site, the Tarot Readings and Resource Section tended to get lost. To add to that, we have StregaCrafts as our “boutique shop”, what seems like dozens (!) of “homepages” on various Pagan Community and forum sites, and finally, Vinnie’s blog (of occasionally interesting things) at

Until now, we’ve felt like we were spread all over the place with no real connection between our various projects: go to blogspot for Vinnie’s blog, go to X Community Site for discussions, go to Arsenic & Old Lace for occult supplies, go to StregaCrafts for custom products, go a subsection of Arsenic & Old Lace for resources (book reviews, blogs, etc.), go to yet another subsection of Arsenic & Old Lace for Tarot Readings, etc.

Rather than have one or two really “busy” sites, we’re breaking things down into several discrete and less busy sites that will be dedicated to specific purposes:

Arsenic & Old Lace ( will become our main “portal” site to all of our other activities and products with a “universal menu bar” to help folks navigate our offerings. From here, folks will be able to find links to whatever we’re working on. will become our main Occult and Witchcraft commerce site carrying over 7500 products of major brands like Anna Riva, AzureGreen, 1618Gold, etc. will be for our hand-made crafts and custom magic products; will focus on Vinnie and his Tarot Consulting;

and http://www.Streghe.US will be dedicated to resources, book reviews, blogs, and article with future plans to integrate forums and members’ pages. If you have suggestions for content, or would like to contribute content, then please let us know!

This will be a long-term, ongoing project and we’re open to your suggestions!



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