Monthly Archives: September 2012

News for our customers!

News for our customers – Mike and I have been extremely busy redesigning our business model, improving the technical specs of our various website projects, and giving the sites a “makeover”. Our goal is to have the redesigns up and running by the beginning of October. I can’t guarantee that […]

American Traditional Witchcraft 3

So, my friends, what is American Traditional Witchcraft? I’ve been mulling this around for a couple weeks now and I find it quite fascinating.  No two people that I’ve spoken to use same definition – or even close to the same description! In this context:American means the people and cultures […]

Mail issues… again

I was thinking of doing a blog post on the nature of ethics, civics, and morals but I’m not in a headspace to do that at the moment.  At a later date, remind me to tackle that topic. All week, I’ve been struggling with our mail server on both a […]