What’s up for December?

Happy December, everyone!
We’ve been very busy trying to get ready for the holidays. Since most of our customers tend to shop with us all year round rather than just at the holidays, we’ve been trying to figure out how to provide them with something new during this season. (Have I recently mentioned just what an amazing programmer Mike is?)

Mike came up with a fantastic idea. We had been talking about putting some sort of a wish list for our customers who wanted an item but were yet ready to make the purchase. Aside from the technical problem of figuring out how to program a wish list into an existing website, we didn’t want people to have to set up a profile at our website just to let your friends know what items they would like for the holidays. I pulled a few customers about a wish list and many of them said that they already had an Amazon Wish List and would love to be able to put products from our site on their Amazon list for the friends and family to see.

Now, I know that Amazon does provide plug-ins for some browsers but folks tend to be picky about what plug-ins they install on your computer. Mike did a little bit of research into the Amazon “add to Wish List” button. With some technical tweaking he was able to integrate the technology for the Amazon Wish List button directly into our individual product pages.

Each one of our product pages has two buttons on it: our normal “add to cart” button, and new a new “Amazon Wish List” button! If you already have an Amazon Wish List, all you need to do is click on the new Amazon Wish List button and you’ll get a small public by prompting you to add the product to your wish list. The best part is that if you have more than one Amazon Wish List, you can even select which list the product will go to!

If that’s not enough, might even rewrote our inventory tracking system so we can keep even closer watch on our stock levels.

As always, if there’s something that you are looking for but can’t find on the website, just let me know. Speaking of which, you may be wondering where our StregaCrafts products (potions, incense, and anointing oils) and Dryad Designs jewelry and statuary have gone. We’ve moved both lines of products (StregaCrafts & Dryad Designs) to our newest website HTTP://www.stregacrafts.com. Come on over and give it a look. We’d love your feedback.

That’s all we have for now. I’ve got to get myself ready to dash off to a weekend workshop with Alessandra Belloni.

Ciao bello!


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