May musings

I’ve sat down to write a new blog dozens of times since the last time I posted.  So, why haven’t I posted anything since March 29th?  It’s certainly not because things have been boring!  Oddly enough, it’s because I felt that everything that I could blog about was negative and I didn’t want to put that out in the world.

I would start to write and realized that I was complaining.  Topics were about how someone wasn’t acting honorably, being fed up with gossip, or simply “I can’t believe that XXX did YYY”.

So, tell me.  When you want to post something, how do you keep it positive? 

I’m going to try something new.  As you might be aware, I’m often on Facebook and frequently post things that I find amusing, articles that I find of interest, or just good wishes for folks.  Although I haven’t yet figured out how to get my Twitter feed and FaceBook statuses to post here as “mini-blogs”, I’m going to take the time and cross-post some things here.

Light and life to you all!



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