Yearly Archives: 2011

Southern Italian and Sicilian drumming, chanting, and dancing. 1

I just returned from a weekend workshop with Alessandra Belloni.  The workshop was a variation of her “Rhythm is the Cure – Healing Dance & Drum Workshop”. Alessandra describes the workshop as, “In this workshop featuring Southern Italian folk dances and rituals we will learn chants used to invoke the […]

May musings

I’ve sat down to write a new blog dozens of times since the last time I posted.  So, why haven’t I posted anything since March 29th?  It’s certainly not because things have been boring!  Oddly enough, it’s because I felt that everything that I could blog about was negative and […]

New Streghe on the block? 15

OK, so over the past few weeks, there has been an uproar about some people who are claiming to be streghe from Italy coming to the US and teaching “the mysteries of the Great Rite”.  Folks have been asking me to comment on them and their validity/authenticity. Without meeting them, […]

Brilliant Analysis of the Charge by Sorita d’Este & David Rankine

Note Bene:  This is NOT my work!  This is a repost from I just happen to think that it’s very very good.  Buy the book.  :-) Charge of the Goddess: Analysis —————————————-The following is an extract from the book WICCA MAGICKAL BEGINNINGS by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine (Avalonia, […]