Italian in the new year

Well, with the new year in full swing, I’m trying to learn a phrase or word a day in Italian. This is in addition to my restarting my Rosetta Stone lessons.  I am hoping to plan a trip this year that will be one week in Sicily and one week in Italy.  My goal is to be able to understand and be understood without unduly embarrassing myself.  Wish me luck!

This week’s phrases – They’re a hoot.  Of course, they start with the month and the days of the week.

January – Gennaio
Venerdì – Friday
Sabato – Saturday
Domenica – Sunday
Lunedì – Monday
Martedì – Tuesday
Mercoledì – Wednesday
Giovedì – Thursday

Felice Anno Nuovo!     Happy New Year!
La Vita è bella!     Life is good.
Guida con attenzione.     Drive safely.
È una femmina!     It’s a girl!
Ho bisogno di un riposino.     I need a nap.
Il difficile sta nel cominciare.     The first step is the hardest.
I tuoi figli sono adorabili.     Your children are adorable.
Anchi’io!     Me too!
Che genre di musica ti piache?     What kind of music do you like?

Pretty standard stuff but I’m hoping it’s basic enough to get me re-motivated to start lessons again.  I’ve been lazy and only learning isolated words and phrases.  That’s only useful to a point.  I really need someone in the area who wants to take lessons with me and be my buddy.




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