2009 November 01, November Newsletter

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  November 2009 Newsletter
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Happy November!

Happy November!
Ah, November.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year, and not just for Thanksgiving!  For me, this time of year marks the change to when I am more focused on the home, family, and friends. 

November seems to be a bit scarce on holidays.  On a secular level in the USA, we celebrate Thanksgiving.  For modern Paganism, most of us have already celebrated 3 harvest festivals but one more never hurts!  Even so, you don’t find many modern Pagan celebrations during this month.

Most of the regular Sabbats or celebrations in modern Paganism are fairly solar focused in their emphasis.  Being without a formal holiday this month lets me focus on more personal aspects of my practice such as my devotional work with regards to the importance of friends and family. This often takes the form of meditations and ritual designed around, not the solar myths but instead around the lunar cycle.  As they occur this month, their order is Full, Waning, New, and Waxing. 

I find it particularly empowering to prepare myself with a ritual bath prior to starting my devotions, whether I have a full ritual planned or just a simple meditation.  Ritual baths work by bringing the mind and body into alignment with your intention.

To encourage you to try this wonderful and easy way to focus, we’re giving our members special discounts on our entire selection of AG Ritual BathsSave 15%!

Upcoming Events – A Befana Yule


Join Vinnie and the Society of Elder Faiths in celebrating the Winter Solstice – Yule, the Return of the Sun!  This year we will be presenting a “Befana Yule” ritual.

Friday, December 11th
Doors open at 6 PM
Orientation at 7 PM
Brigham Hill Community Farm
Befana is the Italian “good witch” who brings gifts of the season to the children.  She represents the Goddess of the Hearth who gives renewal to the Sun.  She is also the old crone who connects us to our Ancestors and the cycle of life, growth, and renewal.

New & Noteworthy – Spell Casting Shop and improved Site Navigation
We’re going to be instituting several new “collections”.  These collections will be groupings of products by a common theme.  We’ll still have all of our old “departments” like books, music, and candles but we thought that since we do have over 6000 items, designing collections would make it even easier for you to find what you need.  Our newest collection is our Spell Casting Shop where we’ve assembled everything from full ritual kits to those hard to find ingredients like coffin nails.

Site navigation has been improved!  Come by the site and see the marvelous job that Mike did with redesigning our UI for more intuitive menus.  We have added menus on the homepage, search, and product listing pages to make it easier to navigate to specific categories or subcategories. You can always find where you want no matter where it appears at the site.

Come by and let us know what you think!

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Members Specials
In honor of November devotionals, Members receive special discounts on our entire selection of AG Bath Salts!  Come by and browse our selection.

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