Sept 8 – Fare Colazione

Sept 8 Fare Colazione: espresso al bar è late solo a Café Apollo. When they say that nothing is open in Italy on a Sunday, they really mean it!  I spent the day walking around the island and getting some sun. I do mean walking AROUND the island. I really […]

Sept 6 – I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Fair warning, the internet connection at he B&B is VERY slow. I’ll post some text  now and add pictures later. Sept 6 Amazingly easy check in at Boston’s Logan Airport.  Yummy “American style” lunch of clam chowder and steak sub. TSA was reasonable and polite even though their baggage scanner […]

Moving to Sicily for a month! 1

Ciao a tutti! Yes, the heading is correct. I’ll be moving to Italy for a month (September).  Why do I say moving instead of visiting? Well, I’m going to reconnect with my heritage and learn the language from native speakers/residents.  Although I’ll have plenty of time for sight seeing, I’m […]

This Much I Know Is True

EDIT: The title of the book is “I Know This Much Is True” (Sorry for the typo!) Wow.  On a recommendation from a friend, I bought “This Much I Know Is True” by Wally Lamb( (CORRECTION: the title is actually, “I know this much is true”.) I just finished it […]