Busy creating content

Busy creating content Ciao a tutti,It’s been very busy here!  I’ve spent that last couple weeks working on products like reformulating and pricing our incense. We’ve even had a few nibbles about wholesaling the incense to some stores.  :-) For the past week or so, Mike and I have been […]

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Here is a good article about Limoncello, that intensely lemony liqueur loved by millions. It focuses on the Amalfi coast area. My favorite Limoncello wasn’t from Amalfi, but was instead from the tiny island of Capri. That’s [ˈkaːpri] with the emphasis on the first syllable. That was, until I […]

Sept 11 – recipes… 2

Oh gosh, let’s see. My brain is about full but I’ll do what I can. Peperoni in agrodolce – sweet, sweet red peppers chopped/sliced (almost diced). In a dry pan, fry on HIGH heat so the natural sugar in the peppers begins to caramelize. When you hear that they are […]

Sept 11 – Cooking class 4

Mercoledí, Settembre 11   For today, by “luck” a woman came by and wanted to know if she could take an Italian cooking class.  That was perfect because we weren’t sure that I would be able to do one by myself since it can get expensive and there is a […]