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Strega Crafts is the newest venture of Arsenic & Old Lace and is dedicated to Witchcraft derived from the cultures and magical traditions of Sicily/Italy and the Mediterranean. These Paths are also known as La Vecchia Religione, The Old Religion, Stregheria, Stregoneria, Benedicaria, and more. Here you will find items that are either personally handmade and empowered by us or that are magically crafted by real people who know what they’re doing. As “New World Practitioners” of the “Old Religion”, we hope to bring together the integrity and quality of the past through modern-day practices and venues.

One Stop Occult ShopArsenic & Old Lace was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1981 and now exclusively on the web, we are devoted to providing quality products and advice to the pagan community through our site at We have become one of the best known occult supply shops in New England and one of the most trusted places to get quality supplies. We carry over 8000 quality Pagan and Wiccan tools, gifts, and occult supplies for all of your magical needs. We provide them with some of the best prices you will find and deliver them with integrity and exceptional customer service.

Professional Tarot Consultations – Vinnie doesn’t “pull punches” or “sugar-coat the truth” – he tells it how it is. His natural gift of empathy lets him truly connect to his clients to provide caring, honest, and intuitive solutions and he conveys the knowledge in a positive manner. Vinnie is available for private consultations over the phone or in person. For more information or to make an appointment visit his Tarot appointment scheduling page..