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    So I’m working on making all of my own tools for the craft, altar, elemental tools, Goddess and God statues and such. I thought it might be cool to post some this work (yeah I’m a bit of a showoff but actually just extroverted) Is there a way of uploading pictures here as opposed to linking to other hosting sites?

    So far I have hand made, sculpted and carved, all of my tools except for my chalice but I intend on creating my own as well. What do you all do?


    Great topic James.  I make some of my tools but not all.  I’ve made wands but I think that my specialty is in candles, incense, and oils.  I have a great deal of respect for folks who can make their own tools and greatly admire their talent and drive.


    At the moment, we don’t have a way for users to host images here (I foot the hosting bill out of my pocket, not the business) but we may in the future.  If you want to send me a couple images though, I’d be happy to put them up under my account and post a follow up to this thread.




    Enzo, I will send you pictures to host here if I can’t get some offsite hosting at one of the free spots. (i.e Photobucket and etc.) I really don’t like to do that and then link to them on pages like this specifically because I/we can’t control the external hosting. (that makes for broken links and frustrates users at a later date not to mention the admin(s) :-) It makes our job of creating and more importantly maintaining content that much more difficult.  But I certainly do understand and appreciate the costs out of pocket. Thanks for being here!

    I’ll reduce my photo’s down to 1024 x 768 jpeg and work on adding them here. This is definitely one of my passions……..creating.


    Lets try one. My latest efforts are in baked polymer clay for now. Eventually these will come from a wild source of natural clay but I really like the colors.

    The Goddess and the God


    I start with copper wire and create a flat pancake spiral coil that serves as the foundation for the base. In the photograph here you can see a black spiral base for the Goddess and a white spiral base for the God. These are made from oven bake polymer clay and the wire runs directly up the center of the figure and out through the top of the head.


    I’m certain that I can fill servers up with explanations, details, and color glossy photographs of these tools.

    Blessings, Love, and Light

    (note: I really need to learn to speak Italian)



    Some tools of the Craft

    I realize that these are teasers but in this photo are a couple of stone Pentacles I make, my carved serpent wand, and mostly hidden an antler handled Athame, plus some crystals and spiral coils.


    An Altar

    Here is an altar I set up and take down (for now my work is done this way) Eventually I will have a permanent sacred space indoors and out. I have a large stone circle at the North of my property for outdoor work……………and we all know how much a witch (strega/stregone) loves the outdoors.


    Another with different statues

    This arrangement includes statues, I’m sure to some folks of a more explicit nature, and yet I feel captures the essence of my developing relationships with the divine.


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