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    The Inner Temple of Witchcraft Companion CD  by  Christopher Penczak  © 2004  Llewellyn      ISBN  0-7387-   0387-7   4 CD  set       $24.95  (U.S.)  $39.95 (Canada)

    I was looking forward to listening to these CDs.  I have found Christopher’s books to be informative, well-written, and thought provoking, even while I haven’t agreed with everything he has been saying.  The meditations and pathworkings seemed to be effective, but I knew that most effective way to judge them was to listen to the author lead them.

    Each CD consists of multiple exercises and guided meditations (an average of three per CD).  They are intended to be used to complement and supplement the exercises in the companion book and cannot be used alone, as the background information is not presented on the CDs.

    Each CD is about an hour in length.  The shortest (#3) is a bit over 50 minutes and the longest (#4) is 74 minutes.

    The music used in quiet and unobtrusive, as it is intended to be.  Christopher’s voice is quite pleasant to listen to.  His pacing helps one to attain a proper meditative state.  The music was composed and performed by Ed Newton.  It has an ethereal feel to it, without being “spacey.”   I don’t believe I’ve ever heard his work before, but I look forward to hearing more of it.

    My only problems with this set of CDs are simple:  The case it comes in appears to be poorly designed (my copy had a broken spine); and my other problem is simply a matter of Christopher’s pronunciation of some of the words he uses (and I’m not talking about esoteric words, either), but that is because I was raised in the Midwest and, even after 20, find East Coast pronunciations of some words jarring.

    The exercises are all quite similar in the build up to them, although the visualizations are distinctive.  The sameness helps to insure that the relaxation becomes habitual, which is important.  As you hear Christopher’s voice you will find yourself beginning to slide into your relaxation technique.

    The CDs are not as good as attending a class in person and are not intended to be used as a stand-alone item.  They are intended to be used in conjunction with the appropriate section of Christopher’s wri6tings.

    Do not try to force the experiences.  This set of CDs is part of a year-long training regimen and although you may be able to speed it up a little bit, allow as much time as you need to fully experience the events and allow them to have their full effect.  Remember, you are only cheating yourself if you rush.


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