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    Mary Santangelo / Toni B []

    There are four angels and their innumerable retinues in charge of this world.

    The name Michael signifies “Who is like to God?”.
    The first is Michael and his armies, in charge of rain and vegetation. He is the Angel of careers, courage, achievements, ambitions, motivation, and life tasks. He is the great prince charged to defend the people. He conveys sustenance to nurture mankind. He is the greatest of all angels and highest of the hosts.

    His origins are from the Chaldeans, who considered him a god of sorts. He is chief of the archangels and is considered the prince of righteousness, and mercy; the angel of repentance and the angel of sanctification. He is the ruler of the fourth heaven and is also known as Sabbathiel. He was considered a warrior of god and a slayer of the dragon. Among the Dead Sea Scrolls there is one titled “War of the sons of Light against the Sons of Darkness” Here Michael is called “the Prince of Light”, whereas Beliel is the leader of the Legion of Darkness”.

    Element: fire
    Season: Summer
    Tarot: wands
    Tetragramaton: Yod
    Represents: Protection, balance, tear down old rebuild new.
    Michael is the spirit of the planet Mercury, He is ruler over Sunday and Thursday. He is the alchemy of motivation, activation and achievement. Michael’s candle colors are orange, white and gold. His color energies are orange, violet, white, crystal, gold, and brown.

    The name Gabriel means “Man of God” or “God Has Shown Himself Mightily.”

    The second is Gabriel and his armies. He is in charge of soldier-angels and revelation. Gabriel insures victory and is responsible for the extinction of nations: human, animal, vegetal, or others, when God wills it. Within all of the legends of birthing, Gabriel as been accredited as the angel who selects souls from heaven to be birthed into the material world and spends the nine months as the child is being developed informing the new person of what he or she will need to know on Earth, only to silence the child before birth by pressing his finger onto the child’s lips, thus producing the cleft below a person’s nose. Gabriel is the angel of the moon who brings man the gift of hope. He is the spirit of truth and the prince of justice. He is the alchemy of psychism, intuition, and receptivity.

    Element: water
    Season: fall
    Tarot: cups
    Tetragramaton: He
    Represents: Hope, illumination, love, guardian of sacred places, dreams.
    Ruler of Monday, psychic gifts, intuition, visions, magick, clairvoyance, scrying, astral travel, herbal medicine, the cycles of women, and female aspects of men. His symbols are the lily and the trumpet, and his stone is the moonstone.
    Gabriel’s candle colors are silver, white and blue.
    Gabriel’s color energies are white, silver, rose, blue, crystal, and scarlet.

    Invoke Gabriel in the west for stronger powers of intuition and psychic gifts.

    The name Uriel means God is my Light; or God is Light; or Radiation of God; or God is the radiating principle of Light; or Fire of God.
    Uriel is the spirit of ministration and peace. He helps turn our worst disappointments into our greatest blessings. He is the Archangel of salvation. The ruler over magick, devotion, alchemy, sudden changes, (“The Winds Of Change”), astrology, universal cosmic consciousness, divine order, distribution of power and universal flow, emergencies, judgment, enlightenment and insights.

    Uriel is of the leading angels in noncanonical lore, and ranked variously as a Seraph, Cherub, Regent of the Sun, Flame of God, and Angel of the Presence. As one of the most faithful and dedicated members of the host, Uriel was also placed in charge of Tartarus (another name for Hades).

    Legend tells us that Uriel stands at the gate of the Lost Eden with a fiery sword. The Lost Eden is a term describing forgetting to Love God. The fiery sword shows that negative matter (selfish and unpure desires) are destroyed when one truly focuses their love on God. In this legend Uriel reminds humanity to Love God by using the “fire of God” (by using the fiery sword).

    Uriel teaches the path of the heart, the fire of pure Love. Without this pure Love and devotion to Spirit, all spiritual study remains an intellectual pursuit, fairy gold. This understanding of true spiritual study is further supported by the tradition that Uriel brought to Earth: Alchemy, the heavenly arcana and was the giver of the Cabala to man.

    Uriel’s symbol of an open hand holding a flame depicts a great gift to humanity. It is the flame of Love to ignite the heart in service to God. Uriel holds out the flame of Love towards all souls. The soul by filling with the flame of Love becomes devoted to serving Yahweh’s plan. Uriel’s flame of Love, the fire of God, the Light of God, purifies emotional and mental understanding transmuting the lower vibrations into frequencies that can assimilate Spiritual Understanding. The planet that Uriel is associated with is Venus, the planet symbolizing love.

    Element: earth
    Season: winter
    Tarot: Pentacles
    Tetragramaton: Vau
    Uriel’s candle colors are violet, white and indigo.
    Uriel’s color energies are violet, white, indigo, blue, silver, and rainbow.

    Raphael, “God has healed”, is one of the seven chief angels. Originally called Labbiel. In Enoch, he had declared to be one of the Watchers and is a guide of the underworld. He is charged to heal the earth. He was sent to heal Abraham, therefore he is depicted as being an angel of healing. He belongs to the 4th celestial orders of seraphim, cherubim and dominions. He is the angel of prayer, love, joy, providence, healing, light, science, and knowledge. A legend taken from the book of Solomon says that when Solomon prayed to God for help in the building of a temple, God answered with the gift of a magic ring brought to the Hebrew king personally by Raphael. The ring, engraved with the pentalpha, (5-pointed star), had the power to subdue all demons. It was with the “slave labor” of demons that Solomon was able to complete the building of the temple. It was also Raphael who gave Noah, after the flood, a medical book said to have been the famous “The Book of the Angel Raziel”.

    Element: air
    Season: spring
    Represents: healing, life-success, creativity, beauty, keeper of the holy grail.
    Tarot: Swords
    Tetragramaton: He
    Raphael rules over Mercury, Wednesday and Saturday. He is the governor of the South and the element of Fire. He is often shown carrying a pilgrim’s staff.
    Raphael’s candle colors are yellow, white and gray.
    Raphael’s color energies are yellow, white, gray, black, crystal, and indigo.


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