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    Silver is for Secrets    by  Laurie Faria Stolarz   © 2005  Llewellyn        ISBN  0-7387-0631-0   312 pages   paperback   $8.95  (U.S.)        $11.95 (Canada)

    The third book in this series (intended for ages 12 and up) finds the heroine (Stacey) recently graduated and looking forward to spending the summer at the beach.  Oceans, new boyfriend, and lazy summer days should be a recipe for happiness.  Oh, did I forget to mention nightmares, nosebleeds, and a dire sense of foreboding?  Silly me.

    Once again Stacey’s dreams begin to shift to nightmares.  Who is the girl in her dreams, and why is she targeted for death?  Can she be helped?  Should she be helped?

    The girl is identified.  Her name is Clara and she is a few years younger and on her own for a week or so.  Naturally Stacey and her girlfriends (and their boyfriends) want to help protect her from the danger.  But who will protect them from her divisive effects?

    As is normal for Tracey, her dreams become clearer over time, but never so clear that the answers are obvious.  The suspense is maintained throughout the book.  The only complaint I have (and it is one that I have all too often nowadays) is in the number of typographical errors I found as I read the book.  I know how easy it is for them to slip through the author’s editing process, but the publisher’s editors should catch them, I would expect.


    The final twist came as a shock to me.  Okay, I had anticipated one part of it, but I was still flattened by the remainder of it.  The more I read of Ms. Stolarz’s work, the better I like it.  She has started another series for Llewellyn which shows potential (see my review of Don’t Die, Dragonfly).  Each of the series has its own strengths.  This series is going places.

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