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    Luciferology By: Picidae Yaekwata

    (as reposted by Toni) Toni B []

    Picidaw Yaekwata [Luciferology]

    Luciferology is a term coined by Picidae which means the study of Lucifer and related matters.

    Luciferology, while a new term, predates the Christian concept of such reaching back to those who first looked to Universal Nature to understand life. The name “Lucifer” is connected with a number of different terms over the centuries of time and the planet Venus was dominate: Venus had several common names in ancient cultures, “the Morning Star”, “the Evening Star”, “Lucifer, the Light-Bearer” and “Phosphoros”. Luciferology has nothing to do with the Christian World-view, their Bible, or any entity there-in.

    Luciferology is the path that focuses upon Lucifer who is known as the light bearer, and be he/she an entity or a concept, it is Lucifer’s light we follow as we Flow through the darkness of the energy of Universal life. Those of Luciferology flow within the Earth’s, and Universal, natural order of life knowing that this order has both times of darkness and light as well as times of grey. Nature is the only “Scripture” on the Luciferology Path. The Pentagram of Spirit, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind/Air represents the Luciferology way. While we study many things on this Path we always filter all through our Universal Nature Scriptures given of the Universal ALL to be one with the Creators ways.

    Luciferology represents the Path of Light which existed long before modern religions and spiritualities came into being. It is a Path that bears Light through all times and is before these times. It is a light of knowledge found in Universal Nature that the Creators of ALL gave us to enjoy and to know of the order and chaos of things.

    Lucifer/Venus is in the night and morning sky with the two brighter lights; the Sun and Moon. The Sun representing the male aspect of the Creators’ nature (god or Lord) and the Moon representing the female aspect of the Creators’ nature (goddess or Lady). Thus we have Lucifer, the Lord and the Lady showing them selves as the brightest in the Universal sky. Lucifer promotes the Lord and Lady for those of Earth. Lucifer is also the expression of both the Lord and Lady in one.

    Lucifer is viewed as the morning star, he/she who sheds divine light upon mankind, sharing knowledge of the self and the universe around us. The study of Luciferology helps us to become connected with our divine self and universal energies. Luciferology helps us so we might learn of the “hidden” world that exists all around us and within us. The study of Luciferology breaks paradigms of the mind with the illumination of truth and thus is opposed by religious orders of “Book” religious structures, which it often seems, wants to keep the masses in the dark and asleep. Lucifer is also viewed as the evening star, where he/she travels with us in the darkness of the night of our lives such as to give light and to show us how to absorb the energy of the darkness to balance the power of the day and complete the cycles of time.

    In the last book of the Christian Bible there is; Revelation 22:12- 14, 16-17, 20. Their Jesus is found here referring to himself as the “bright morning star.” The Bible gives a lot of attention to morning stars. Such as in Job 38:7 where we see a wonderful line about the morning stars singing together. And the morning star, also called the Day Star, puts in appearances all through the Bible. From 2 Peter: “You will do well to pay attention to this as a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts.” I find it disturbing to see that the Christian Church’s invention of “their” Jesus has tried to steal from the ways of Ancient Witchcraft what was clearly known before Christianity, and belonging to Lucifer.

    Venus is the first star (really a planet) seen most evenings, and as the Morning Star seen latest in the morning. It is much brighter than any of the other stars, because it is not a star, it’s a planet. Venus is much closer to the Earth and the Sun than stars are and because of its thick cloud cover it reflects a lot of sunlight making it shine very bright like a star. That is why you can still see the Morning Star for about 15 minutes after the other stars have faded away each morning.

    I hope this writing has given you a better understanding of Luciferology to know that it is such a great truth that others have tried to steal it and claim it for their own. But they can’t, for the light of Lucifer shines in their darkness and we see perfectly the truth.

    A Witch’s Scriptures By Picidae Yaekwata
    Take the Scriptures of all religions Add the elements of nature’s provision
    Soon the papers will break down Words to be no longer found
    A Witch’s Scriptures do daily spin Spirit, earth, fire, water and wind
    These are the Creators’ enduring words Equally spoken to all be they heard
    Should one trust going through this life The ways of man that bring such strife
    Or find a course in nature’s way The Path that flows and here to stay

    All rights reserved, Picidaw Yaekwata [Luciferology]
    You are free to copy this for free distribution with this notice and site address included.

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