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    Hey…I’m new around here but it sure is cool to find a place like this. Ethnically I’m an Italian/Slavic mutt living in America. :-)  I consider myself not to be a Christian and I’m looking for what we were before “that” happened. Somehow I don’t think “finding that” is going to happen (not that there isn’t plenty to find but what it is that we find I’m not real sure of) but then again I can feel “it” inside of and all around me.

    I’ve been a solitary practitioner of  things pagan for most of my life. Being a 2nd generation American native born Italian/Slav with strictly Christian relatives it has been quite difficult and I am mostly estranged from those folks (but not completely). I am glad to find a community and resource like this one.


    Hi James,

    Nice to meet you!

    Thanks for dropping by. We’re just getting this site underway but I hope that it will become a bit different from the host of other sites that are out there.  :-)




    Thanks Enzo! I’m looking forward to it.


    Hi James! I agree, I don’t think we can really find what we were before Christianity. It’s so embedded in the old country that it changed the culture irrevocably. There are pagans who try to reconstruct it, but I personally am not called to that path. Even if we really knew exactly what the ancients did, it probably wouldn’t speak to our souls in the same way. We are products of this time. So personally, I try to learn the old ways and adapt them to fit me and my life. I do so with respect and reverence, but ultimately, they are changed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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