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    Ciao a tutti!

    I’m Enzo (Vinnie Russo) and I’m the creator/owner of Streghe.us. I hope that you like what we’re doing here.

    Here is a bit of background on me:

    My Spiritual Practices

    • I am an Initiate and Elder of the Chthonioi-Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca as well as the more conservative “BTW” Alexandrian Tradition of Wicca.
    • My spiritual and religious focus is Italic/Sicilian-American Craft.  I am an Initiate and Stregone Mago (Elder) of one branch of the Strega Tradition (Sicilian/Italian Craft).
    • As a member of La Vecchia Religione, the Craft, my spiritual and religious practices revolve around the reverence and worship of (aligning myself with) “the Old Gods” via living an enchanted (magical) worldview
    • In addition, I have a special interest in the development of nature contacts, such as those forces typified by the spirits and minor divinities of Greek and Italian mythology – specifically, Lare, Lasa, and Manes/Ancestors.

    General and Professional

    • I am a professional Tarot Reader.
    • I am the owner of Arsenic & Old Lace, one of the oldest occult stores in New England.
    • I am also the owner of StregaCrafts, our newest venture dedicated to Witchcraft derived from the cultures and magical traditions of Sicily/Italy and the Mediterranean. As “New World Practitioners” of the “Old Religion”, we hope to bring together the integrity and quality of the past through modern-day practices and venues.
    • My husband and I got legally married on the date of our 20th anniversary (In  2005). We live just north of Boston, MA, USA with one dog and two cats.
    • One of our favorite things to do is to travel the world and experience other cultures. At last count, we’ve been to 96 cities in 19 countries and I’ve briefly lived and studied in Siracusa, Sicily.
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    Hi Enzo, nice to meet you. I hope this community takes off!

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