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    Book of War  (Book Seven in the “Diadem Worlds of Magic” series)  by  John Peel  © 1997, 2005  Llewellyn  ISBN  0-7387-0611-6 257 pages        paperback  $4.99 (U.S.)  $6.50  (Canada)      Novel for ages 8 to 12


    This is the seventh book in this series and, according to what I have been told, it was the last of the series published by Scholastic in the late nineties.


    This book finds the intrepid trio – Helaine (from the medieval world of Ordin), Pixel (from the advanced world of Calomir), and Score (from modern-day Earth) – traveling to Helaine’s home world.  Drawn back by a sense of honor (she had run away from her father and familial obligations to avoid being married off against her will), she finds her father’s castle under siege.  Her father is, to put it politely, less than pleases to see her back unless she is willing to go through with the marriage and thus begin to put things to rights.


    On the way to the castle, the youngsters (who have grown from rash, stubborn, immature, untrusting children into rash, stubborn, maturing youngsters who have learned to trust each other and work together), encounter and “adopt” into their group a young healer/magic user  Jenna is frightened to death by Pixel and Score (whom she considers to be witches) and doubly so by Helaine (who is not only a witch but [and worse to her thinking] a NOBLE!)


    Jenna is a peasant and has nothing good to say about nobles.  Helaine is a noble and can’t quite bring herself to admit that peasants could actually be people.


    Nearing the end of the story (I won’t say much about their adventures – read the book for yourself), a truly unexpected event occurs involving Score.  More follow on top of this one and he finds himself facing an encounter he had never envisioned – marriage.


    Book eight in this series (The Book of Oceans) will be out later this year.  It will be interesting to see where it takes the young heroes.


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