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    ABC Book of Shadows  by Katie Lydon Olivares with Artwork by April Choi   @2005                Itty Bitty Witch Works  ISBN 09768573-0-8   Boardbook  30 pages included Glossary  $9.00 (U.S.)


    For those Pagans who are the proud parents of bouncing baby Pagans and Witchlets, and wondering why no one has produced a simple alphabet book for their children, this is the answer.  It has been produced by “Itty Bitty Witch Works” (616 Jackson St,  Bakersfield, CA  93305  or )


     I have seen something similar in coloring books featuring fairies and such, and those are nice.  But, and this is a big BUT, they aren’t designed to stand up to the wear and tear that truly little ones can give their books.


    This book is a well-produced, very colorful, engaging volume.  The illustrations are “primitive” in that they are not necessarily as polished as some folks might expect.  That is not, however, a bad thing.  Children don’t care how “finished” something is.  They want it to be pretty, which these illustrations are.


    Each page contains the capital and lower case letter, and appropriate word from the Pagan lexicon, and a short phrase, which explains the basics.  The two page glossary explains the meanings of the words which are used to illustrate the letters.


    I know there are parents who don’t believe in exposing their children to any form of religiosity before they are of at least school age, but personally I feel that children should have a basic understanding of religious thought as soon as they become aware of the world around them.  While Mommy and Daddy probably shouldn’t be shoving their religion down their children’s throats, there is no reason to hide their beliefs.


    This book is a nice, non-threatening way to help children learn their letters, let them get a feel for what Mommy and Daddy think about the world.  At $9.00 some might think it a bit expensive, but it is so well-made that I feel it is well-worth the cost.   When one considers the cost of toys which fall apart after a few hours of play, this is a good investment.


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