Workshops at A Feast of Lights

Ciao a tutti!

I will be offering two presentations at EarthSpirit’s “A Feast of Lights”.  A Feast of Lights will be held February 10, 11, and 12 in Sturbridge, MA.

Workshop #1 is more of a discussion format:

Sicilian-American Craft re-membered
Religio-magical Traditions in Sicily are numerous. The most visible are post-Christian or have become
blended with peasant Christianity. Immigrants created a synchronous culture – not quite Italic or
American yet possessing hallmarks of both. Stregoneria is called the Old Religion because it is a Mystery
Tradition from which flows the religious impulse. How can we as contemporary Streghe in the USA do
the same with the re-enlivening of ancestral magical traditions? Come with your questions.


Workshop #2 is hands on:

Brevi/Borsa Portafortuna – Sicilian “mojo bag”
The Brevi or “borsa portafortuna” can be thought of as an Italic/Sicilian “mojo bag”. Originally
constructed as a personal amulet to repel the evil eye (malocchio) and to attract the Fey and good luck.
The borsa is tailored to the specific person/goal but there are some universal techniques and materials
used. Brevi are frequently consecrated to a specific Saint, divinity, or guardian spirit. Bring a goal to
either attract or repel and your willingness to do some energy work. Limited attendance.


Information on the entire event can be found here:


I hope to see some of you!




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