Are the Gods “people”?

Something to ponder…

I see the Fae, Ancestors, and nature spirits (for lack of a better term) as similar to us but of a different order. I also see the Gods as being similar to us but also of a different order. ┬áThat lead me to the idea that (at least today) I believe the Gods are *both* individual and collective entities with agency and often are the manifestation of certain Universal Truths.┬áBUT, I don’t believe that the Gods are people (at least not like us).

Instead, I see the Gods as wearing “people suits” (often crafted via cultural influences) in order to better facilitate communication between them and us. When a person with talent and/or training encounters them, it’s possible for the person to “aspect Them” and act as a vessel (to varying degrees) so They may more fully communicate and interact with us.


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