Interview on Consciousness Rising Radio Show

Ciao a tutti,


On Tuesday, I was honored to be interviewed by Peggy Brewster for her Consciousness Rising Radio show.  The FaceBook page is located at  The schedule when the interview will air should be up shortly so check back.


The interview was in my favorite format – a casual conversation between friends.  As usual, Peggy was professional and wonderfully courteous!


We covered a whole range of topic including my experience in Italy and Sicily; What is Italic Craft/Stregoneria/Stregheria; difference between native Italic/ethnic/cultural practices versus the syncretic practices handed down through immigrant cultures; the Feast of Cornucopia; our personal experiences with “the Old Ways”;  and what it’s like being a part of a living tradition that is more focused on re-membering than reconstruction.


The show is only an hour so we weren’t able to get in depth on all the topics but it was great to touch on so many!


Please listed and let me know what you think!




Enzo (Vinnie)

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