40th Anniversary Celebration for Coven Chthonioi!

Hello everyone,


June 21, 2014 marked the 40th anniversary of the founding of The Coven of the Chthonioi (Chthonioi-Alexandrian Tradition). That’s a great accomplishment for any group!  As they say, the proof is in the pudding.


Coven Chthonioi and the Order of Ganymede (their Sister group, a Pagan Ceremonial Order) grew out of one of the very first Alexandrian covens in the USA, known as DBG.  Chthonioi still has several members from that the original DBG coven as part of their active membership and we were honored to have them present. Additionally, we had a member travel as far as England for the day along with over 50 Initiates from the greater New England area. Chthonioi has been running *continuously* since their founding in 1974!


It was an honor to spend the day in ritual and retrospection with the members of such a vibrant, living and growing Tradition. One of the special surprises was that we got to listen to a recorded interview with the Tradition’s founder. The recorded interview, along with the memories that the original DBG members shared showed just how much as changed and just how much has remained the same since 1974 within the Pagan Community, Witchcraft and Wicca, and for our Tradition.


It was truly an honor to spend time with folks who “walk their talk”.


Blessed Be!




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