Busy creating content

Busy creating content

Ciao a tutti,It’s been very busy here!  I’ve spent that last couple weeks working on products like reformulating and pricing our incense. We’ve even had a few nibbles about wholesaling the incense to some stores.  :-)

For the past week or so, Mike and I have been looking at redoing the Streghe.USwebsite. I think it needs a new look, better UI, a place (permanent home) for my blog, and…   forums.  Yup. We’re looking at getting forums set up specifically for Italic Craft.

The forums would be for all manner of topics on Italic-American traditions and practices as well as for folks native to Italy and Sicily.  Although the focus will be primarily Italic Craft as spiritual and religious practices (Stregheria) there will be room for Italic Craft as a magical practice (Stregoneria) allowing overlap with more broad discussions including mystical and folk practices (Benedicaria, la magia popolare, etc.) regardless of spiritual path.

The plan is to have user profiles and let folks either register at the site or use their existing IDs for other sites such as FB but to not left folks post to the forums unless they register.  I would like to get it set up so users can create their own groups so they can narrow down particular areas of interest to them.

Suggestions are welcome!



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